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State of the Art


Digital and Modern


The class rooms are built with eco friendly bricks. Each classroom is well ventilated with adequate natural sunlight and spacious for free movement. All classrooms have been done to meet the requirements such as storage of books for the kids and avoid the weight of heavy bags on their shoulder.


We have digitally equipped classrooms, so as to make the learning and teaching process more interactive and effective.



Safe and Modern

COMPUTER LAB: We provide individual system to each student to work upon.

SCIENCE LAB: The school has well equipped state of the art physics, Chemistry, Biology Labs .It provide the students a perfect environment to gain hands on experience to excel in science.

MATH LAB: The Math Lab comprises of special apparatus that makes the subject both interesting and easy.



Books and More

The school has a well stocked library to cater to the reading needs of the resource students and teachers.


Sports and Games

Work and Play

We have a gamut of indoor and outdoor sports activities and have professional coach to coach them on the same .The school has Badminton court, cricket pitch, mini football field, volley ball, hand ball etc.


Vihaan School of Arts

Arts and Culture

Education curriculum at VPS goes beyond mere academic rigor to encompass a host of life skills that every child needs to acquire for a holistic education that would help him/her to build their career in a versatile manner. At VPS we have many clubs that helps train the students in various skills.


Experienced karate expertise trains the students in skill of self- defense, endurance, flexibility and strengthening of muscles. Belt Exams is conducted twice a year, depending on the progress of the child.


Dance is a beautiful way of expression. Not only it’s a good physical exercise but also a wonderful form of art. VPS dance club imparts training in Indian classical and semi classical dance forms by the classical expertise.


Abacus or the counting frame classes are conducted by expertise. It’s a additional fun and encouragement way for the students to improve their thinking and solving capacity.


It’s not about bending down; it’s about what you gain while going down. Yoga is a healthy way to keep our future generation free from stress and diseases. Yoga classes are conducted by yoga expertise for the students on weekly basis.


Outbound Training & Excursions

Nature will teach

Teachers Training:

Special training classes for teachers are conducted with an agenda of smoothening the work process within the organization. Workforce diversity can be both positive and negative for the organization. Creativity training and team building training are few types of training programs conducted by the school management that helps our teachers to grow.

Field Training for students:

Field training an educational tour is conducted for students to make the learning and teaching process more fun and interesting. It helps to bridge the gap between education and hands on experience & help every student to acquire increased knowledge, culture and hands on experience.



We are everywhere

The school provides us facility from various destinations covering majority of the local areas .The routes and designated stops are planned conveniently so that children don’t spend their valuable time travelling and straining themselves in bus